ESPN 30 for 30s One And Not Done Another Masterpiece By Jonathan Hock That Gives Viewers Entire Different Perspective of John Calipari

Last night, Springfield College was given the privilege to view the newest installment of ESPN’s 30 for 30. The documentary directed by Jonathan Hock chronicled Kentucky men’s basketball coach John Calipari’s coaching journey, and the topic of controversy that is the “one-and-done” collegiate athlete. With the screening occurring one full week prior to the nationwide release and students and faculty in the presence of a 10-time Emmy Award winner in Hock and his director of photography Alastair Christopher, the event was a top highlight in the Springfield school year.

Having been able to attend the screening and the closing Q&A session, I was able to get a better understanding of both the story behind Calipari, and how gifted of a journalist Jonathan Hock truly is.

What the viewer can expect from “One and Not Done” is an in-depth piece of journalism that is able to lift Calipari’s image beyond that of “sleazy” and “corrupt.” It highlights his ferociously competitive nature that Hock is able to ingeniously connect with Calipari’s past. In addition to giving the audience a window into his character, Hock introduces an entire different perspective on the collegiate one-and-done culture.

Although it is of different context and filming style, I saw this documentary by Hock similar to that of his film on the 1980 Soviet National team, “Of Miracles And Men.” I found it similar in a sense of how it can change a viewer’s perspective on who they vilify.

The film will premiere on ESPN on Thursday, April 13…




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